I am done my first year at university

I started York University in September and 8 short months later I am a completely different person. I started in a general theatre degree and now i’m in a Production and Design program. I’m one step closer to my dream of becoming a set designer; this year has confirmed that I belong behind the stage. I worked my ass off to get to where I am today. The new program I am in only accepted 30 people and out of a possible 150 people I was chosen. This was a validation that I am on the right track in my life.

In September I wasn’t happy. I was trying to suppress my feelings for my ex-boyfriend and trying to make myself believe that I was happy. It wasn’t until I met my friends that I began to open up and deal with the issues i tried to “sweep under the rug.” These people have made me who I am today. They have helped me realize that I should not define myself by what has happened in the past. They have been there through every step in my self discovery and held my hand as i finally let go of every memory and object i kept from my past relationship. When I was feeling low they were there to let me cry then tell me to “get the fuck over it.” When i felt untalented and like i wanted to give up they were always there to pick me up and never complained along the way. 

I can now say its true what they say, you find your best friends in university. Eight months ago everyone in my life that I can truly say I love with all my heart were strangers. I left behind my small town and moved to the big city where for the first time in my life I was able to pick my friends - they weren’t chosen for me. 

I want to take the time to just talk about why I’m glad my friends are in my life, I know a lot of people don’t have tumblr and will probably never see this but I’m going to do it anyway. 

Tiffani- when I found you on that little island trying to escape the sharks I knew that I found my soulmate. We are cut from the same cloth, and I know that we will be friends forever. I can’t go more than a day without seeing you without missing the sound of your voice and it will be that way till the day I die. Even with all the friend drama that has happened the past month our friendship only grew stronger. And I’m so thankful to have you in my life and I know i can come to you with anything.
Jonathan- You very quickly became my best friend. You were the first male i had ever really been friends with and you don’t even know what that did to me. My whole life I had always clicked with females but never males, but then you came along and i felt as close to you as I had with anyone in my life. I was able to talk to you about things girls just don’t understand. There was a moment when we weren’t the strongest but our love for each other was all that mattered and we made the steps to make out relationship stronger. I’m so excited to share a bathroom with you and continue to make  it my mission to be friends with you forever. 
Elda- You were my first friend I ever met at York, the fact that I guessed we would be best friends before I even met you says something. I just knew. We really bonded at karaoke during frosh and you’ve been in my life in a huge way ever since. You legit were in my room everyday and I never got annoyed. You will forever be my favourite ratchet make out buddy and I’m so happy that you’re in my life and will forever continue to be. 
Jenny- well boy was I wrong about you, well i wasn’t- you are a bitch but I love you for that reason. The way you never gave up trying to be my friend and didn’t get the hints makes me so happy. You saw something from day one that I didn’t. But I see it now; you became someone who i couldn’t live without and Ive seen you grow in ways you probably don’t know. I love spooning with you everyday and night and I wouldn’t ask for a better girl to share my ratchetness with and I will continue to reenact road for the rest of my life. Bernice and Cry Baby Princess 4 lyfe. 
Erin- once upon a time we were both drunk ass bitches and we became friends that way… who can say that they met their best friend hungover 20 stories high? not a lot of people I’m guessing. But we did it. The amount of things we have done together this year has only made us closer. From walking out drunk asses to starbucks to get Passion Tea Lemonade to do M countless times. You were my valentine and I love you so much, I can’t wait to live across the hall from you and see your beautiful face every morning.
Sidonia- sorting purses will forever be the thing that reminds me of you. Thats how we met, sorting purses while the cunt (you know who I’m talking about) was yelling at us. I didn’t think that we would continue to talk bet then every time we saw each other we would talk about that day until we became friends and had new and better memories. Im so happy you’re in my life because I can always count on you to be there! 
Stephanie- You were one of the people I want to meet the most, I just remember thinking this Stephanie girl seems so fab. and GUESS WHAT you’re one of my best friends now and you are so fab! I don’t even remember how we became friends but i am so glad we are. I will always remember going to American Idiot and thinking we were going to die sitting in those seats the entire performance AND THAT MOM! omg remember her I’m dying! Im so happy we are friends because I know I can go to you with anything and you will never fail to make me laugh 
Larissa- we legit didn’t even talk until we decided to move in together, like who does that? and now i can’t even remember life without you in it! You’re one of my only friends not in theatre and i kinda like that! we have had some amazing times and we became so close this semester and I’ve found a lifelong friend in you!
Mackenzie- you were the crazy annoying girl in 448 and now you’re the crazy lovable best friend. I don’t know when the shift from friend to best friend happened but I’m so happy it did! OH yes I do! makeup crew, our stations were right next to each other and we just laughed all day everyday. We both love Miley and can talk about her for days. You have a lot of words of wisdom and whenever we have life chats I always leave learning so much about myself and I’m so thankful to have you in my life
Cassie- Dyslexic buddies~~~ from the cool girl with the lion king sweaters in origins to one of my best friends. We live on the same lake and we get each other in a way that others will never. Im so glad to have you in my life!
Paige- remember when you were Liams best friend and I kinda stole you and didn’t look back. Im so glad you’re in my life you make me so happy every time I see you. Next year when we live on the same street we will see each other everyday and our friendship will grow so much more but I already know that you’re in my life forever!! p.s. you’re bernice’s favourite 
Sienna- I first met you when you fainted and something about that made me think about how I wanted to be your friend. When you meet in a crazy way like that its a sign and I took it as one! You quickly became a really good friend and I can’t wait for our friendship to get even stronger over the next three years because I know i never want you out of my life. 
Kaitlin- we met when you were high screaming about how you were fine and ever since that day we have talked everyday and I’m so glad we became friends and can’t wait to grow even closer!
I remember thinking you were so cute. and writing it on your door when I was so drunk. Then I made the shift to thinking of you as a really good friend. You were best friends with my  roommate so I started seeing you everyday and thank god for that because now I have an amazing friend in my life! 
Lane- What can I say, you’re another from Tumblr turned into best friend. Thank god we met is all I can say. You have made me such a better person, you’re such a fab person. Everytime I see that we have the same piece of clothing I get happy because your style is what I want to look like but I can’t pull it off like you can! Also you have improved my music library in a very good way! Im so happy we are friends because we were meant to be friends and i just love that i can call you one! 
Liam- best roomie I could ask for. even when you piss me the fuck off I love you. You were everything I wanted in a roommate and more. You became my friend above everything we lived together and became really great friends. We both put up with each others issues to get to the point where we became like brother and nothing we do could really piss the other one off enough to stay mad! i loved waking up to your beautiful face everyday and i already miss you! 

Oh LAWD that took a lot of time. 

I have grown while at university, I entered afraid to try new things. I was limiting myself without even knowing it. University and especially residence made me more experimental and honestly its the best thing. Although drugs and alcohol are not the best thing for you, when you do it with the right people and be safe about it, its a lot of fun and i never would have been willing to try things if i didn’t feel completely comfortable with all the people I listed above.

First year of university was probably the best experience Ive had in my life and i can’t wait for the next three years, Im going to try to remember to do one of these long posts at the end of every year so i can see just how much I’ve grown and how i will become the man I’m supposed to be.

To everyone who was in my life this year, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU

and to anyone who reads this… I’m sorry for making you read my ramble session! but thanks <3